Tilla Critters by Chili Fiesta HandiWorks


Tilla Critters are One of a Kind Air Plant Creations from Chili Fiesta HandiWorks !!! They are a fun, whimsical way to add tropical vibrancy to your indoor space. Bring nature into your home with very minimal care required and no mess !!

Tillandsia or air plants, are small aerophyte plants that do not need soil to grow. The scales of the air plant intake water and nutrients from their environment. A light misting on a weekly basis will provide them with sustenance.

About Tilla Critters

Tilla Critter's are unique, living air plants with amusing names that matches their individual persona.   A Tilla Critter's persona is suggested by the Critter to which the Tilla is attached !!! 

Although estimates vary, most agree there are at least 450 different types of Tillandsia, not to mention countless hybrid varieties, with no two air plant varieties being the same.  We routinely maintain and care for about 75 - 100 individual air plants from about 10 - 15 species of Tillandsia in a controlled environment.   We are constantly adding more plants and new species !!!  

The Critters are distinctive finds from estate sales, flea markets, antiquing trips and friends contributions !!!!   We have made Tilla Critters from wine corks, unusual rocks or tree branches, beach glass, driftwood and decorative trinkets.   The Critter's are free standing, can withstand being spritzed & soaked, dry quickly and are do not collect standing water which can harm the air plant.

We normally have 40 - 50 complete Tilla Critters on hand at all times, each one patiently waiting to be selected for a trip to your home !!!   Seven to ten new Tilla Critters are added each week to replace those who have found new homes !!!    We will announce the new arrivals each week on this blog, on our Facebook page and on our Pinterest Boards.

Below are a few of our newest arrivals !!!!

Fawn & Flora

Al - Rida



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