Loose Tea, Teabags or Tea Sachets ???

Which one to use ?  Well, that depends upon you.

Loose Teas generally makes for the very best cup of tea. The size of the tea leaves or herbals are the largest possible.   Chinese green teas like Anji Baicha could never go into a teabag and taste good. Also there is definitely a relationship between size and briskness. When the fresh teas leaves are rolled the smaller particles turn brown the fastest.  That makes the tea the most brisk.


Hot Cinnamon Spice is available loose, as well as in teabags and sachets.

That is why the British like small tea, it makes the strongest tea and goes well with milk and sugar.  The larger leaf black teas are more mellow and complex.  Loose tea has the least packaging associated with you, so that might be a factor.   Also the reduced cost of loose tea might be a factor for you.

For some, the problem is that loose tea is not that convenient to use. You need to have more equipment and a bit of experience.  However we are here to help!  We offer teapots, strainers, permanent filters, and more accessories; of course our brewing instructions help you make a very good cup of tea.   And as you get used to your water and your tea, you will quickly develop the experience to make a great cup of tea!   Also some appreciate the ritual of making a pot, letting it brew and enjoying their work.  In fact, the Japanese developed a whole Ceremony around tea enjoyment.

Teabags are good for making tea under challenging conditions. If you are making a quick mug in the morning or the water might not get hot enough, the smaller broken leaves infuse the water quicker than loose tea.  And you do not have to worry about the correct dose or straining out the leaves when the tea is ready.   The broken leaves make for a brisker cup of tea, which might be desired.

Many of Harney & Sons teas are available in teabags. choose from a 50ct box of teabags (as shown here) or a 20ct box of teabags.



Silken Sachets are a good compromise. The tea leaves or herbals are, mostly, larger than in teabags.   So you get a very nice cup of tea that is not as brisk as a tea made with a teabag. Yet, like teabags, you do not have to worry about how much tea to use or using a strainer. Many customers are switching to sachets as their lives get even more hectic.

 We offer a large variety of different  teas and herbals in silken sachets.


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