Harney & Sons Fine Teas Paris Tea Sachet Tin - 20ct Sachets

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  • This blend is reminiscent the most popular blends in Paris. It is a fruity black tea with a hint of lemony Bergamot.
  • Sachets are the perfect marriage of loose tea quality and teabag convenience.
  • Each sachet holds enough loose tea to brew two cups.
  • Harney & Son's sachets meet the demands of even the most discriminating tea drinker.
  • The teas are full leaf and the flavors are clear, yet elegant. No strainers or paper filters are needed.
Harney & Sons Fine teas is proud to offer loose teas in stunning silken sachets. The perfect marriage of loose tea quality and teabag convenience, these sachets meet the demands of even the most discriminating tea drinker. About Harney & Sons It started more than 30 years ago, when American tea was a poor commodity drunk only as teabags. John Harnev’s hobby of blending teas blossomed from pastime to passion, and Harney & Sons Teas was born. John’s goal was simple: to offer the finrse teas at an everyday price, making tea an everyday luxury. Today John Harney and his sons Michael and Paul search the tea gardens of the world to bring their customers the cream of the crop. Their delicious blends — and commitment to the quality and consistency - have made Harney & Sons a top name in tea providers. Beyond home use, Harney & Sons Teas are available in many of the finest restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops across the country. Ranging front robust First Flush Darjeeling to delicate Mutan White, Harney & Sons’ more than 200 varieties of tea are designed to suit our cttstomers’ every mood. Personally sourced and professionally blended, they meet the highest standards of taste and aroma. From the tea garden to the tea cup, Harney & Sons is the best source for fine teas. Is Tea Good for me? Tea offers many health benefits. Besides centuries of accumulated wisdom, modern medical studies have proven that Green, White, Oolong and Black teas are loaded with healthy antioxidants, fluoride, vitamin C, and more. Tea’s antioxidants may help prevent certain cancers, while preliminary studies have shown that tea may strengthen the cardiovascular system to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Recent studies suggest that green tea may have anti-inflaimnatory properties that delay the onset of arthritis, while green tea extract catechin has been shown to protect the liver against such toxins as alcohol and cigarette smoke. To get the latest results, please look at our website. Are Herbals healthy too? Though Herbals are not true teas and do not contain the same level of antioxidants, they have long been used as traditional curatives for minor medical conditions including upset stomach, insomnia, tension and more. What about caffeine? All White, Green, Black, and Oolong teas naturally contain caffeine, with the amount ranging from 30 to 50 milligrams ofcaffeine per cup. This is much less than the 135 milligrams of caffeine found in one cup of coffee.

Ingredients: Black Tea With A Hint Of Lemony Bergamot.

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